About Meson

  • Textile
  • Construction
  • Electronics
  • Metalworking
  • Personal Care
  • Others



              Spinning fields such as polyester, nylon, and filament

              Printing and dyeing auxiliaries



              Special coatings





              PCB boards

              Transfer film



             Cutting fluid

             Industrial cleaning

        Personal Care





              Printing Ink


High-quality silicone functional chemical producer

Independent R&D and production

Adopting mainstream enterprise products in the industry as raw materials, implementing a system of dedicated person responsibility for production as well as keeping samples every step to ensure traceability, and having complete product testing methods and management systems.

Professional lab

Meson has a professional R&D laboratory with multiple functions including physical and chemical inspection, precision instruments, test instruments and other devices. For products in different industries, it can carry out various tests such as constant temperature, anti-aging, wear resistance, high-temperature resistance, scratch resistance test and etc. We keep improving experimental infrastructure continuously to lay a foundation for enhancing the company's independent innovation capability and driving technological progress.

International quality and local production

Meson collaborates with international technology teams and domestic universities. The core technicians have abundant experience in R&D team in international leading companies.

Meson firmly believes that providing products and services with better functionality, stability, and cost-effectiveness to create the win-win value is the fundamental sustainability.